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This is simple. I list shit that I really hate. These aren’t pet peeves or stuff that pisses me off, these are things that really, really,  fucking shit me!

  • People who spell programme incorrectly. I hope you die a fucked up death.
  • Old bitches who dress like their daughters
  • Microsoft
  • The ABC
  • Australian Gamers


  1. Why don’t you put yourself on there?

    • Hi, Uncle ted.

      The only real winner here is me. Me because you wasted your time coming here, me because I have a giant fucking penis and (wait for it) me again, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret… You might want to change you online name because it’s kinda creepy in that ‘Police took my computer’ way.


  2. I cant decide if your site is pure genius or typical American trash with too much too say (add ADHD too).

    Hi from Ireland.

    • Dear Dave,

      Genius or typical American arsehole? It’s kinda like asking are you gay if you went back in time and sucked yourself off? We may never know.

      Hi from Australia.

  3. I think you should have a look at this site called its full of gamers that like to cry about xbox 360 v playstation 3.

    Hi from the bush outside your house.

  4. So Melefics do you come here often?

  5. Yeah just too hang around and do stuff cause stuff is good.

  6. You two make me sick. Take that shit elsewhere before I choke on my fucking vomit.

  7. Just make sure you write the Doc’s a note now that you know that you will die. The amount of people they have to deal with you don’t want to waist there time.

  8. Did you guys notice I fail at life big time? Oh and I am still a virgin by the way.

    • Holy fuck – Future me! Are you telling me that in the future I still haven’t pulled a root? What about that time I used rohypnol on my sister and jizzed in her poop hole – didn’t that count?

      Ahhhh crap!

  9. That’s fucking nasty TOG! We in the south only fuck our 1st cousins up the ass!

  10. and we dont use rohypnol on them…they do on US!

  11. Touché Mr Z-Hero, touché.

  12. Tog Can I please make the hate list?

  13. also Xbox is cooler you’re a noob at life.

    • This comment is better than your pathetic begging. email me a picture of your genitals and I will ensure you make it on my list… of sex offenders.

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