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Who is The Offensive Gamer and what’s with all the rage?

The Offensive Gamer is ‘The_Lexx’ from NextGEN Gamers – Australia’s largest Independent Gaming site. Lexx can be found hanging out in NextGEN Gamers online forum. Lexx prefers to game on the PS3 and can be friend requested via his PSN ID The_Lexx

No one actually knows where all the pent up rage comes from, but it has been suggested that having his Xbox 360’s RROD four times may have sent him insane.



  1. Twice my Xbox has had the RROD! In the space of three weeks got to a stage now I’m afraid to turn it on.

    Then I think to myself, why do I need to turn it on? For Trials HD and Shadow Complex. Best games on the infernal system. 😦

    Rage on man!

  2. i’ve had issues with my 360 blah blah blah. Heres an idea ring microsoft and get the fucker fixed or buy an arcade unit. Harden the fuck up or buy a wii.

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