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We all remember this guy, yeah? Well he is back! This time we find the online gamer indulging is some social activities that don’t involve masturbating to the sounds of MW2 players calling him a fag. This series is turning out to be very funny indeed!


I don’t often support the internets, in fact, if I had my way, I would execute anyone with a ‘Spacebook’ page. So just when I though the world would never see anything as awesome as the ‘2 girls one cup video’ again – May I present to you… two youtube videos and a motherfucking

Recently I was thinking, fuck you would have to be a dick head to be spending your time playing MW2 on a console. Fortunately I went and bought some more beer and after 3 seconds decided that I had suffered alcohol withdrawal and that was why I had also shat myself- anyhoo…

Stats for Gamers

Unlike Dice or Treyarch, Infinity Ward don’t give a crap about you or your community. This means you can wish in one hand and piss in the other till the cows come home, but your ain’t getting a Gamer Card. So here it is folks – ALL YOU NEED to make yourself the most awesome Gamer Card, Forum Signature, or Clan Logo.



BTW: Click HERE to see an example card on a forum. Click image below to save to your Desktop.

MW2 Gamer Card, Xbox 360, PSN

Make your own MW2 Gamer Card!

Example 1

Remember release day of the Nintendo Wii? remember how excited you were to play Zelda with the new motion controller? Remember how after 10 minutes you knew it was shit and plugged in the normal controller that you bought for the old school games?

Example 2

Remember how excited you were on release day of Super MarioKart Wii? You got it home put your controller in the plastic steering wheel and realised that you couldn’t win a single online game against your friends cause they all remembered playing Zelda and had thrown their stupid Nunchucks and were using their trusty ‘old skool’ controllers?

If you are anything like me (A real fucking gamer) You would know that motion control in gaming is a fad. It’s cool for a week but then you get the shits because you don’t want to be moving around while gaming! The whole point of gaming is that you sit somewhere and talk shit with your mates while killing stuff. If I wanted to get fit, cross swords with small children, do fucking yoga – I wouldn’t be doing it in front of a TV screen. So now we come to Microsoft and Sony. Both these companies have shit in the works to copy Nintendo, the only thing is – Gamers all know that it’s crap and little more than a fad. Microsoft has some annoying kid who talks bullshit to you and Sony wants you to molest animals with some Camera.

Wake up you fucking dickheads and just keep making games with the current controllers.

Gaming without a controller... FAD!

Gaming without a controller... FAD!

All this talk about religion on NextGEN Gamers has not only made me thirsty, but has me questioning the meaning of gaming! What if Jesus had been in Super Mario Brothers?

There is nothing more satisfying than abusing the shit out of morons online, in fact, the only thing better would be beating the shit out of the little 12-year-old bastards that constantly noob tube me in MW2. Due to a court order, I’m unable to show you that video, but I can share this vid of a gamer using his superior online skills in a real world board game. Enjoy!

Lets face it, besides being the Art Director for that awesome ‘Seven Samurai’s in space’ flick – Battle Beyond the Stars, James Cameron hasn’t really done much in the way of making a great film. As a director you would lump him with the likes of that guy who directed that film about the prostitute or that poof who directed the third Matrix film. He did seem to do a kick arse job of the sequel to Alien (but we all know that Lance Henriksen probably directed, with Weaver as the runner) Anyway, fast forward to 2009 and he has written and directed another sequel, Avatar. A sequel I hear you say? That’s right – a mother fucking sequel! Avatar is nothing more than Titanic 2 set in fucking outer space. Don’t believe me? Check this shit out…

1) There are two dick heads in love on something big

2) At some point people turn blue.

3) Every bitch thinks they are the king of the world.

4) Some guy does stuff.

5) Shit happens.

What is the deal with this plot? If you would like to see some real animation, check out Akira and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. No I’m not linking them you lazy cunts.

Farscape or Avatar? You decide...

Imagine you’re driving along when suddenly you can’t stop your car – what do you do? Well I for one would light up a fat one and start singing Tom Cochrane’s 1991 hit – ‘Life is a Highway’ (only cause I’m so fucking cool). Sadly for these two dick heads, they didn’t have any gear, come to think of it, they probably didn’t have a cassette deck in their car either. Bloody pommunists!

Sing it with me, kids…

So I hear you saying that mashups are so 2007? Well STFU, maggot! Sit back and let the 80’s wash over you in this, the greatest ever mashup of all time…