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Category Archives: Stupid shit on the internet

What you are about to click on is easily the most terrifying thing you will ever see (I should know, I’ve seen a black woman’s snatch). Even worse than that, this free-fall into insanity has apparently already caused 3 people to suicide. If there is a devil – its name be the Olsen twins.

May God have mercy on your souls…


We all know the Japanese are creepy mofos – It’s why we love them! May I present for your viewing pleasure this Japanese chip commercial – well that’s what I think it is. Either that or some fucked up ad for bestiality? In any case, we can all agree it’s top shit!

We all remember this guy, yeah? Well he is back! This time we find the online gamer indulging is some social activities that don’t involve masturbating to the sounds of MW2 players calling him a fag. This series is turning out to be very funny indeed!

I don’t often support the internets, in fact, if I had my way, I would execute anyone with a ‘Spacebook’ page. So just when I though the world would never see anything as awesome as the ‘2 girls one cup video’ again – May I present to you… two youtube videos and a motherfucking

So I hear you saying that mashups are so 2007? Well STFU, maggot! Sit back and let the 80’s wash over you in this, the greatest ever mashup of all time…

We all knew it was only a matter of time. Yesterday a portal opened up over the skies of Norway. Apparently big titted blonde haired fembots descended upon the local inhabitants. Luckily for the Norwegians they are all robosexuals so no lives were lost. Officials have said that the Russians were involved but if you ask me – it was the French. Always with the French…

Where we're going, we don't need, roads...

I don’t know this guy. Maybe he is some kinda comedian or something. And if he is, this is the bestest thing I’ve ever seen. Of course, being convicted of a sex crime is NO joking matter, amirite? Well, it wasn’t for me.

It has been brought to my attention that not only am I awesome, but I am SUPER AWESOME! Apparently the Capoeria footage from yesterday’s random You Tube search is from some bi-sexual movie called ‘Never Back Down’. While fapping off to the dirty look the spunky guy gives to his boyfriend, someone said stuff about things and… oh god, I just jizzed my fuckin’ pants!

Behold! The pinnacle of the American education system at work. Be amazed and stupefied as one woman struggles to understand light! Personally I reckon she is onto something because the government wants you to believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for tax purposes.

Welcome to a new weekly rant I like to call Stupid shit on the Internet! I will search high and low through the stinky fucked up bowels of the internet to find you shit you have never seen before. So enough of this douchebaggery, let us begin!

Aussie badarse fixes his plasma.

Now everyone knows Aussies are superior to all other races. In fact, scientitions estimate that roughly 98.2% of men of foreign descent when pissing next to an Aussie will notice that their penis looks like a little kids. So what makes an Aussie so fucking awesome? watch and learn…