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Wat-up, shitbags -TheOffensiveGamer here. So many of you will know that as a staunch MAC fanboy since ’94 – I have had some serious issues with Apple of late. (and by ‘late’ – I’m talking 2005). Some of these issues include me refusing to go Intel, refusing to buy an IPhone, refusing to use Itunes and basically refusing to be an all round wanker. Now sure most of you are now giggling like little school girls about the fact that I’m still using a Motorola chip and haven’t had any software updates for 2 years – well guess what? I’m a REAL MAC user (run and tell that, homeboy). Anyway, Just as I have been disenfranchised by my commie cancer ridden overlord – so you too should be worried about the future of gaming.

You see – Gaming (or Gayming as it is now known) has become nothing but a hobby for try hards and here are 5 (yeah 5 News 4 Gaymers) reasons why Gaming is the new lame.

5) Companies pumping out the same game with a different name every 6 months.

4) Those same games with different names – still don’t have their bugs fixed!

3) GAYLO REACH-around


1) Women playing with wands that aren’t attached to balls.

Now lets enjoy some clips to make us forget that we are now nothing more than a demographic.


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