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Example 1

Remember release day of the Nintendo Wii? remember how excited you were to play Zelda with the new motion controller? Remember how after 10 minutes you knew it was shit and plugged in the normal controller that you bought for the old school games?

Example 2

Remember how excited you were on release day of Super MarioKart Wii? You got it home put your controller in the plastic steering wheel and realised that you couldn’t win a single online game against your friends cause they all remembered playing Zelda and had thrown their stupid Nunchucks and were using their trusty ‘old skool’ controllers?

If you are anything like me (A real fucking gamer) You would know that motion control in gaming is a fad. It’s cool for a week but then you get the shits because you don’t want to be moving around while gaming! The whole point of gaming is that you sit somewhere and talk shit with your mates while killing stuff. If I wanted to get fit, cross swords with small children, do fucking yoga – I wouldn’t be doing it in front of a TV screen. So now we come to Microsoft and Sony. Both these companies have shit in the works to copy Nintendo, the only thing is – Gamers all know that it’s crap and little more than a fad. Microsoft has some annoying kid who talks bullshit to you and Sony wants you to molest animals with some Camera.

Wake up you fucking dickheads and just keep making games with the current controllers.

Gaming without a controller... FAD!

Gaming without a controller... FAD!


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