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Lets face it, besides being the Art Director for that awesome ‘Seven Samurai’s in space’ flick – Battle Beyond the Stars, James Cameron hasn’t really done much in the way of making a great film. As a director you would lump him with the likes of that guy who directed that film about the prostitute or that poof who directed the third Matrix film. He did seem to do a kick arse job of the sequel to Alien (but we all know that Lance Henriksen probably directed, with Weaver as the runner) Anyway, fast forward to 2009 and he has written and directed another sequel, Avatar. A sequel I hear you say? That’s right – a mother fucking sequel! Avatar is nothing more than Titanic 2 set in fucking outer space. Don’t believe me? Check this shit out…

1) There are two dick heads in love on something big

2) At some point people turn blue.

3) Every bitch thinks they are the king of the world.

4) Some guy does stuff.

5) Shit happens.

What is the deal with this plot? If you would like to see some real animation, check out Akira and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. No I’m not linking them you lazy cunts.

Farscape or Avatar? You decide...


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