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We all know the handicapped are shifty. They know how to drive, hold down jobs, root around, and between you and me, I reckon they can masturbate. But if there has ever been a reason that you shouldn’t trust these fuckin’ bastards, it’s because of this guy –  Chuck Bittner. Watch as this cunt not only delivers the beat down to little kids on-line in Modern Warfare 2, but he is probably shagging your misses – right NOW!

Find out more about this Capper, HERE

Sign Chuck’s petition to get game developers to join the rest of us living in the year ‘2000’ with button mapping, HERE



  1. I know I could whip his ass in arm wrestling! Fucking gimp.

  2. My dad has quadriplegia. You should be more considerate of people with disabilities.

  3. LOL thanks for the scribble, so funny! love it… I did shag your lady, sorry!

    • I’m honoured by your presence. I hope these idiots listen to the people and sort this shit out.


      • Nice to be here… Check out my buddies anti-Hippy song… It is offensive!

        I’m sharing you post on some of the sites I have the petition on!

  4. Reminds me of the time I took all those LSD tabs – I was so fucked I thought a car was trying to east me! Good times, hippies, good times.

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