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Have you ever wondered why no one gives a shit about Australian Gamers? That’s right – because they are a bunch on pussy arse whiners who deserve to be arse raped by gaming companies. Any group of gamers that are too afraid to speak out about an issue yet constantly cry about it, deserve it. Fuck you Australia and fuck your lazy ways.


Australian gamers are losers

Australians gamers - Always ready to suck cock



  1. Harden the fuck up, TOG. If you were any good at gaming your awesomeness would punch through the laggy server and squirrel-grip the overseas host cocktard until it squealed for mercy.

    U R Mr GAY

  2. Ozy are fags

  3. Modern Warfail 2 is what is.
    i said it before and i’ll say it again, BF:BC2.

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