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Dear Infinity Ward,

Firstly, The game is good. It has met and exceeded what all of us gamers want in a FPS, so thanks to all the people who worked on this game, you guys are brilliant. Unfortunately, I have some rather bad news that you may not want to hear…


I can’t believe that my (and all my fellow, Aussies, Kiwis, Pommunists, in fact anyone living outside of the United States of America’s) online experience with MW2 is being target practice for your children. The game is practically un-playable. Every online game you either have 1 orange dot or if you are lucky you get 2 yellow bars. Either way it makes the game un-playable, frustrating and ultimately want to return the game for something else.

Now I know you guys wont understand and probably are not even sure what part of the U.S – ‘Aussies’ is. That’s cool, I understand that your education system doesn’t waste time with petty things like ‘the rest of the world’, BUT PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please just try and understand this when I say – Australians do not get 4 green bars of connection goodness, period. We get 1 (count it), one red dot.

I run a community of gamers, we are small with only 800 or so members, crap all really – but I have 800 or so gamers who are just crushed and disheartened that the game we have all waited for is un-playable in its current state.

Can you please release a patch that will allow LOCAL SEARCH. We don’t want dedicated servers, we don’t want cross game chat for the PS3, We don’t want you to solve the Xbox 360’s RROD – hell we don’t even want world peace! ALL WE WANT IS TO PLAY THE GAME WITH PEOPLE FROM OUR OWN REGION SO THAT WE CAN EXPERIENCE THE GAME AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED.

On behalf of all MW2 owners Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the southern hemisphere (the arse end of this planet) PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES FOR HELP! Unlike the other requests above, we know that it is possible to implement REGION SETTINGS and at very little cost through a downloadable patch. Hell – if Treyarch can do it, Infinity Ward certainly can!

Thank you for your time and remember that although this post is peppered in funny puns (foreigners do that) – REGION SETTINGS are SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Kind Regards,
The Offensive Gamer

Click here to tell Infinity Ward how bad it is!


MW2 ping according to region

Based on talking to over 300 Xbox 360 and PS3 MW2 players from around the world - This is what ping you will get most on the time in MW2


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  1. gogo BF:BC2 imho 😉

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