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So by now you will have all discovered that Infinity Ward believes that PS3 owners have no friends. For reasons beyond understanding (But perhaps they hate Sony fanboys as much as they do PC gamers?) Infinity Ward has made the biggest release day cock-up in gaming history by releasing a flawed version of MW2. Aussie and Kiwi PS3 gamers are awaiting a patch that will allow them to party up. Currently you can not invite friends or accept party invites. Personally this smacks of IW’s lack of quality control and really exposes the whole mentality the company has to gamers, now. It’s like they have turned into a Valve and Microsoft mash-up that hates gamers and doesn’t give a crap about quality. IW are releasing a patch on Friday, but that is not fucking good enough!


Oh wait - lets shaft the PS3 owners like we did the PC gamers!



  1. Yep ps3 for single player stuff like creed 2 and 360 for online like CoD

  2. Personally I’m pretty pissed off. It’s things like this that make me miss the Xbox 360 and Live Experience. I have already been recommending people with 360’s and PS3’s buy the Xbox 360 version for the sheer fact that Infinity Ward looks after the 360.

    It’s not the end of the world, but it’s poor form from these arseholes.

  3. Scumbags!


  4. Just trade the game for Battlefield BC2.


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