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I have had enough of this companies bullshit attitude towards gamers and their lazy arse game development. Today Chet Faliszek (Lazy Valve writer) and self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome, let the PS3 community know exactly what Valve thinks of them by stating that “I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3. The 360 and PC are on par, right?, and that Left 4 Dead 2 will be exclusive for that reason alone.” This isn’t the first time these arse pirates have taken shots at the PS3 gaming community. Lets not forget Gabe Newell (Lazy Valve fluffer) declaring the PS3 a “waste of time”. Tom Leonard (Lazy Valve programmer) is convinced that the PS3’s structural complexities “hindered game development”, while Doug Lombardi (Lazy cum dribbler) is always harping on about how Valve don’t feel they can produce the level of quality on the system that it was accustomed to without devoting disproportional resources to the PS3 in particular.

This all smacks of a bunch of kiddie fiddlers snorting coke off the arse cracks of 10-year-old boys. What a fucking waste of time these cunts are. The sooner they all die of Aids, the better off gamers will be. Fuck you, Faliszek, you can go and choke on my giant cock!

om nom nom

That's it Faliszek, take it all baby!



  1. I game, but I’m not too sure on who makes the games. From reading your other rants I would say that Valve are to Sony what Infinity Ward is to the PC. 🙂

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