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Just when you thought that Nintendo couldn’t get any shittier, I give you ‘Baby and Me’ That’s right kids, you too can now enjoy the terror of sleepless nights, fighting with your partner over money, never getting sex again and kissing your gaming days goodbye! So who could have thought of such an awesome game? Who cares! A game that starts brain washing bitches early to keep ’em down is Brilliant! Besides, with all that money that this cunt will make – he can even dispose of his hookers bodies (and isn’t that what we all want?) The premise of the game is simple. Insert a Wii remote up the childs arse and then just make sure you feed it, play with it and  rock it to sleep. If you shake it too much the Wii contacts child services. Anyway, if you have a daughter (Thank God I don’t) buy this game for them and make sure they end up trained and don’t talk back!


Nintendo - keeping bitches down from an early age!


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