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Does anyone here remember a time before party chat when all you ever heard on Xbox live were the words, nigger, faggot, rape and spastic? I do, and I have to say retarded black homosexuals seemed to be doing a lot of raping back in the COD 2 and 3 days!

Microsoft (in conjunction with the Rand corporation and the Reverse Vampires) has decided to allow companies like Infinity Ward to force gamers to choose between playing MW2 (and coping an earful of that awesome *Xbox Live camaraderie), or sitting at your dashboard masturbating to the spice girls. That’s right folks – Infinity Ward has disabled party chat in Mw2 to prevent cheating. Now I hear you saying – “but Offensive Gamer, surely saving children from years of mental anguish being abused or exposed to abusive racist, homophobic, intolerant hate is more important than stopping a few lame arse gamers who put sticks in kittens bums and use party chat to cheat”. Well the answer is NO. unfortunately, thanks to Microsoft’s do what ever, ban poor people, fuck the kids and damn the minorities attitude. This christmas is going be one big fucking hate fest of gay rape on Live. So thank you, Microsoft. Thank you that I can once again listen to crazy people threaten children that they are going to rape them, hear people telling ‘niggers’ how much they love looking at their family photo’s of their cracker grandpa stringing up his slaves, and being constantly reminded that ‘fags’ are only gay because they were molested by their uncles. Thank you so much for making MW2 an arsehole experience!

*’Xbox Live camaraderie’ is that uncomfortable feeling you get listening to a 12-year-old beat down on a gay disabled kid because she is black.


The Xbox Live headset was designed by a black transgender lady in 2007



  1. Nigger, please!

  2. I fucking loved swearing on xbox live ? its over? WHAT?!

  3. yeh to many people are angry. my friend got called a fag and then some other person was yeling at him about bein a cry baby.

  4. What’s a clapphead?

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