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Well, Australia. It isn’t often that The Offensive Gamer is saddend, but this week the fuckin’ ABC axed our countries most trusted game reviewer, Jeremy Ray – A.K.A Junglist. Like you, I have been listening to Jeremy’s opinions on games for years, and IT FUCKEN PISSES ME OFF that the slack arse cunts over at the ‘Gay Bee See’ – shafted this guy. Basically they pulled his pants down and spoofed up his arse because they are wanting to bring a more commercial front to the Good Game show. As far as presenting went, Junglist was OK, well a better presenter than that gay guy Bajo (not that there is anything wrong with Homo’s, Kids – just don’t fall asleep at their house). Junglist was there to represent people like me, I just want the facts, no arse clowns crapping on about a game they really don’t know about, no chick reading shit off a fuckin’ cue card, just the truth, good, bad, fuckin’ shit, you know – just if the game is worthy. That was what kept me watching the show each week, cause I could rely on this Yakee mother fuckers honest opinion. So what’s left? Well, they have hired some shitty whore who looks like a 25 year old junkie single mum with 4 kids on fucking welfare, they kept Bajo (only cause he already replaced the first fuck who I can’t remember the name of) and worst of all – They still haven’t brought back that fucking yellow arse monkey that I found soooo hilarious! WHERE IS THAT FUCKIN’ MONKEY YOU COCK SUCKERS? For fucks sake, I pay my fucking taxes – piss that slapper off and bring back an actual gamer. While I don’t condone boycotts (cause they are for fags), I will leave it up to you (my loyal readers) to make your own call. Keep watching Good Gayme or not?


R.I.P Junglist 2006 - 2009



  1. I feel you, man. Join our facebook group, IMO. Check it out through the site.
    We needa show the ABC fagtards that we’ve got a voice. 😐

  2. TOG is well experienced in sending fucking threatening and HATE FILLED MAIL, consider it done. If anyone else wants to lick (or kick) some loser arse – go here:

  3. I’ve never liked Good Game, but the problem with the show isn’t the presenters. They are not good at presenting, but that is because the show lacks a good director and producer, and has such poor writing. The ABC should hire some talent to actually produce a good show and get the best out of Junglist and Co.

  4. I dont like the girl. she is strange and I m not sure she nows about the game.

  5. Bajo:
    Just yesterday I was wondering if he is a closet homo. Does that make me a closet homo as well?

    Just because she can’t review or play games and is more generous with her body than most, doesn’t mean we should ridicule her.


    • Dear Daemon,

      As long as while you where thinking about Bajo being a closet fag you were not fapping off with a carrot up your arse, then no. As for Hex – if GG wasn’t trying to pass her off as a 16 year old, then I would agree. Unfortunately the TOG can spot mutton dressed up as lamb a mile away.

  6. I think will do fine. Wait and see.

  7. Stop ranting ‘about’ the things that piss you off. We want to know what you think.

    • Dear Andrew,

      I understand how tough it can be growing up in a single parent family, not really having much money for things like glasses. I will try and take the main points of the rant and leave big spaces so it’s easy to read.

      * I was saddened.

      * Junglist was anally raped.

      * Bajo is gay.

      * Hex is a skank.

      * Australian Gamers are the losers.

      * The best presenter on the show was that yellow fucking monkey.


  8. We don’t have that show here. Is there a link so I can watch a webisode?

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