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That’s right folks, Microsoft has unzipped its fly and started pissing ‘mass bannings’ on gamers across its 20 million strong Xbox Live service this week. In the usual Microcock fashion, users awoke to a message explaining that there was no recourse to these measures that have been put in place to “combat piracy and support safer and more secure gameplay” If you got banned, sucked in. Not because you are an Asian and are genetically pre-disposed to mod everything you own, not because you’re a Jew and God has made it quite clear that you are not to spend your money on shitty products, and not because you were born a white trash mother fuckin’ cracker who can’t afford Microsoft genuine parts. I say sucked in because you bothered even owning something made by Microsoft. Do yourself a favour. Take your piece of shit console down to the nearest pawn shop and sell it. Then go out and steal any microsoft product you can find and sell that. Pretty soon you will have enough money to buy a PS3 and Mod, swap, play and masturbate to any fucking game you want (except Gaylo ODST) without fear of being anally penetrated for messing with a product YOU PAID FOR! Seriously, when you can’t even put a no named brand memory unit in a product that you have legally purchased because these cunts want your money, I say fuck ’em.


Ring Microsoft and explain that because you are poor - your alcoholic father bought a cheaper memory unit.


You're just proud of who you are, Microsoft should be ashamed for banning gays!



  1. Pfft good no one likes those people anyway.

  2. You sound like a fucking racist cunt. Welcome.

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