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It will come as no surprise that Australia is a big steaming pile of shit. Not the type of shit that has been sitting around for a while, but that KFC type that fucking sticks to your shoes and seriously won’t come off. Yet again some pinko group has put its hand up to save Aussie kids from the evils of video game violence. Apparently this prominent children’s lobby group is calling on the Government to review its decision to classify MW2 as suitable for 15-year-olds  because it allows players to assume the role of a terrorist and shoot innocent civilians in an airport. Now lets step back and look at this closely. In a country where children are exposed to parents binge drinking, smoking in cars, being fed Mc Donald’s 4 nights a week, and told that raping women is alright as long as you play football – this group is concerned with a video game? Give me a fucking break you cock sucking westie whores. The real crime here is that people have time to bitch about the evils of video games while their kids receive a 3rd world education and a penis up their arse from right wing religious types that stop Australia having an R18+ rating system. Fuck you, you fucking Mosman, mums. I will make sure I accelerate next time I see your ugly kids crossing the road and give you something in life to actually complain about.

See the evils of video games for yourself…


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  1. Bwahahahaha You r funny

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