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So all these kids are crapping on about this Twilight bullshit. At first I assumed they were all hyped because they had discovered an old VHS of the Twilight Zone movie. Unfortunately I was wrong. These little cunts were all dripping pre-cum over some new vampire faggoty film about kids who are emo shit heads that cut themselves because their parents dress them like dorks (well, that’s the impression I got from looking at the film poster)


Since when did being a Vampire make you gay?

Anyway to cut a long story short – a bunch of Gen Y’ers finally contributed something useful to society! (tell me about it – I thought those bitches in Victoria that necked themselves did a good job) But these arseholes take the cake. May I present,  justice…


I still would have kicked him to death.


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  1. I like twilight it was a good movie

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