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What the fuck is wrong with Australians and when did we become a country of fucking halfwit morons? I’m sick to fucking death of my language being butchered by pseudo literate fucks and their lack of legitimate comprehension of the written word. The problem is that for some unknown reason the word programme has become program. Now you might be saying ‘what the fuck?’ program doesn’t have a ‘mme’ in it? Well, I hope you die of anal cancer you clueless fuck. The sad truth is that Australians no longer have any concept of their language. Most ‘Gen Y’ boofheads think that LOL and WTF are in the Australian English dictionary. So just in case you take pride in being an Aussie, and you want to keep it real – here is a short lesson in English, dickhead.



This ‘American spelling’ is ONLY EVER used when referring to computers, for example:

  • ‘Computer programs made by Microsoft are shit.’



The correct spelling of the word programme is used for EVERY other inference, like so…

  • ‘What crappy American T.V. programme shall we watch tonight?’
  • ‘My Nazi personal trainer has me on this concentration camp style fitness programme.’
  • ‘Pass me the programme guide, maggot.’

So, think you’re king shit now? Take the Offensive Gamers English test! Simply correct the spelling of the sentence below.


The I.T. boofhead said…

“How the fuck do I program this program that records programs about making programs?”


I did not swallow on that programme


One Comment

  1. Australians are compliant clowns submissmive twitts who don’t read heavy material much can’t discuss political social issues in depth crapp drink ..too much..are up themselves something fierce especially their ignorant anti historic dumb totally feminised women ..they sure have a lot in common with Amerifans…they are headed for a big fall what a nation of clowns first class that multi cultural leftist bullshit feminist first everything shit education system really screwed the males there .The average male has a limited vocabulary looks dumb and stupid doesn’t read or study anything critical for himself..they are really in trouble socially in that country big time.

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