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So Today’s big news, predictions by Michael Pachter that Xbox Live could soon cost $100 has seen a huge outcry by lonely 360 fan boys. Well – I have some bad news for you areshole Americans – A yearly subscription in Australia has retailed for $100 since the launch of the rip-off 360! Now given that America is currently a banana republic and their dollar is almost worthless, and also the fact that American children are now technically owned by China. Pachter’s claim is almost a certainty. So suck it up you Yankee boofheads! Not only is Microsoft giving you shitty products and lame customer service, but they are now going to rape your anus like they do the rest of the world. ‘But I’m a heterosexual gamer who doesn’t go for those back door shenanigans’ BZZZZZ- Wrong! You know when your parents fucked up your future with the recent GFC? (I say “recent” because my country has laws to stop criminals ripping off society and thus survived your fate) That was a giant fucking penis entering your back door. So enjoy your slavery, comrade, and enjoy your $100 a year Xbox Live subscription.


Thank, God! I thought I would have to pay for this premium service as well.


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