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All this talk about Boy cocks is making me thirsty! (That’s what I would be saying If I were a pansy arse gamer from the stone age playing FPS’s with a keyboard and mouse.) On the other hand, maybe I would just wrap the fucking cord around my neck and rid the world of one more retarded dick head?

That’s right, folks. There is currently an online attempt to boycott Infinity Wards MW2 because PC gamers want dedicated servers and to be able to make helicopters turn into big fucking dildo’s in the sky with their mum’s mods. What these dick heads fail to realise is – PC gaming is dead! No one gives a shit about some loser with a small penis masturbating with Mountain dew because he ran out of his dad’s Vagisil. EA and IW couldn’t give less of a shit about the ever shrinking PC gaming market or the fact that these chumps have sent back their pre-orders. Like their cocks, This shrinkage has been a long time coming and finally with this generation’s consoles, it is upon us. So here’s an idea – stop whining like a bunch of piss-ant bitches and go and buy a console, morons. No one cares about you, or your fucking PC.

Just when you thought these queens couldn’t whine any more… WRONG! Check out this YT video outlining the complaints PC gamers have with IW. Watch the video and seriously laugh your arse off at these poor fools!




  2. Seriously, When you reach a point that you are Modding your MW maps to look like fucking sesame street, complete with statues of Big Bird. It’s time someone beat you to death.

  3. consoles are toys. I need my mouse and keyboard.

  4. Hmm, I wonder if he posted this 12 yr old rant from his console??

  5. I agree PC gaming is dead. These people need to move on with there lives.

  6. Since when has PC gaming been on the way out? the ofensive gamer sounds like an asshole to me

  7. Game modding created one of the most successful multi player games this century… Counter Strike!

    • My Penis makes cum. I think we can all agree that is it the best thing since sliced bread.

  8. Buncha console fanboy children. I’ll tell ya what, since your so tough behind your mouse and keyboard and labeling many of us with child like insults, why not step up and give me your ‘A’ game.

    I’ll meet you anytime anywhere and we’ll just settle it like men. Real men, face to face and let’s let the knuckles do the talkin.

    It’s not about modding. It’s not about just dedicated servers. It’s about a PC game turned into a console game with local hosted multiplay. My crew, we play on a dedicated server so we can boot and ban punks, and control our environment for scrims. By local hosting, many of us can no longer play together because we’re scattered all over the US.

    While I don’t subscribe to the many wimp moves out there complaining. Bottom line is, I have a console, it’s for kids. When I don’t want to think or use real strategy, I play that. I could care less what games come out for it and throwing insults because you feel protected, well shows how childish you are and you will fail at life because you just sound like a complete donut.

    My offer stands. Anytime, anywhere and I’ll pay for the plane ticket or who knows, you might be just down the street. I’m sure I’d have to travel to your location because you’re probably 13 and just learned what an erection is.

    So what’s it gonna be? Dare to put your money where your mouth is and Man Up?

    Let the flaming begin..

    • Dear BigJohnson,

      I’m quivering right now, In fact, my knees are weak and I have this tightening sensation, not from fear but your name makes me so fucking horny, baby! Now, considering how fucked up your economy is with all you dumb shits borrowing too much money, I doubt you could afford to fly me to your banana republic, which is a shame cause I have always wanted to see the birthplace of stupidity. With the foreplay out of the way, lets look at where we find the PC gamer in 2009. Nope, still dead. That’s right, it is DEAD. You faggots destroyed it by playing CS for 15 years – ensuring gaming companies made no fucking cash. Fortunately (thanks to cunts) you will be pulled into line and charged even more that the kiddies for the same shit. Welcome to the future. No modding, no dedicated servers, just shit. Shit in your mouth that you will love paying for like the rest of us dick heads.

  9. Interesting, I’ll be in Aussie this spring and while I could afford to fly you somewhere, it wouldn’t be worth the 33.5 seconds of time or the dime I’d have to spend to call a freaking ambulance while having to provide breathing assistance.

    With that out of the way, I never played CS. What you call the future, I call it a test of time. Either PC games will make it or they won’t. But overall, the giants like MS, Intel, EA Games and others will continue to birth new apps for PC and Console, not forgetting the PC Gamer. You say it’s dead but I see it as a turning point.

    There is no skill in playing console compared to the PC and I still don’t understand why you have to take your mouth of mom’s teet to bash the PC Gamer. Coming from a guy born on a penal colony, I’ll take your comments about my Country as a compliment. It shows the lack of skill and education to write anything the least bit intelligent.

    But you are right with one thing you said, you are a dickhead 🙂 Now go suck a joystick.

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