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Today’s big news – Killzone 2 reached two million copies sold, world wide. Um, how the fuck is this news? In fact, you’d think the developers would actually be hiding this amazing feat of failure after 33 weeks of the game being on the market. Even the shittiest game on earth – Halo ODST sold more than two million copies in the first 24 hours of release. So what’s the go, was Killzone 2 a failure? Well the simple answer is yes. It was a shit game for shit people who eat shit. Sure it looked cool and you could jerk off to the sounds, but lets face it – by the time Guerrilla Games released a patch so that you could even be on the same team as your friend – people had stopped playing this crappy FPS. If I were to give this game a score out of ten (which I’m not) I would tell people who still play this game to seek help (preferably from a close relative who can touch you in ‘special’ places and leave you wondering if you’re gay) because that would be less confusing than realising you actually enjoy eating shit.


KillZone two late, what fucking dickheads.


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