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While the rest of the world gets ready for windows 7 (except me cause I fucking hate Microsoft and their shitty products, oh and maybe the losers who never upgraded from XP, oh, and probably all vista users who took until then end of the OS’s life cycle to upgrade). Ah fuck it, lets start again…

While 6 people on earth get ready to purchase Windows 7, Apple has released a series of ads (with that paedophile PC guy and the MAC boof head who was Bruce Willis’ love interest in Guy hard 4/5?) this week to try and steal Microsoft’s thunder. As you would expect, these ads just make you feel like punching Steve Jobs in his cancer riddled liver. Now I’m not saying that Windows 7 isn’t good – It’s probably just as shit as anything else Microsoft makes – I’m just saying that as a MAC user, Apple should be indoctrinating me on their new shit mouse and how I would be able to masturbate better if I had one. Apple you bunch of cocktards, please for the love of God, stop with the lame arse ads – Macs aren’t trendy and if I could I would buy one of those $100 crank up computers they sell to starving fucking Africans with Aids, never to have to see those shitty ads again.


Hey look, we are stuck in a computer. I wonder if we can fucking eat it?


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  1. apple computers are not good.

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